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"We aim to uplift diverse and unique voices from all around the world through multimedia creations. At Fuzia, we believe that we can help solve important social issues through storytelling and encourage each person to share their creative work. We hope that through Opengrowth Media, we can amplify our mission and vision even more and create a community that brings about real change through media."

- Riya Sinha, Co-Founder

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A global community of individuals coming together to empower women.

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Who Are We?

Our flagship media property brand is - a global woman empowerment platform with 5+ million users and social media followers worldwide.

Our Fuzia Talent community focuses on woman empowerment through: virtual activities, online learning, and remote work.

Why Us?

We are a diverse and inclusive platform dedicated to leveraging our audiences in order to amplify your individual objectives and goals. We seek to uplift our communities through the power of media.


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