Opengrowth UK is a Reputation management and PR consultancy with the aim to make entrepreneurship and business more diverse, inclusive and purpose-driven. We specialize in impactful relationships. 

Media Coaching Services

Our media coaching services are tailored to your needs and are spread over three months to guarantee the best outcome. From voice coaching sessions to facilitating conversations around stress and fear, we cover different angels of successful storytelling for media interviews.

Reputation Building Package

From social media presence to media coaching and influencers platforms, we offer Reputation Building packages that can help your company and you to get the attention and the influence you need in your market. It can include different services to meet your needs.

Content Creation Services

Our team of journalists will help you to find the right messages for your product and brand and help you to get your story out. Their collaboration with the girls on Fuzia helps the girls to improve their skills in storytelling and content creation. So by buying this service, you also empower a young girl on Fuzia with skills and a job.

Influencer's Platforms

We strategize, create, and maintain your platform for your company so you can use your time to focus on the future of your market and meet the other influencers and thought leaders. We partner up with local journalists to run your influencer's programs and make your brand the place to go for visionaries and leaders.


Platforms we offer:

Online TV; Podcast; Lounge 



For any questions, please contact us at Opengrowth UK and a representative will be sure to respond back shortly.